SmartSlat - unique and easy to install two part steel slatting & louver system use our steel slats for fencing, gates, slatting panels, sunrooms, louvres and many more applications.
Manufactured by Gramline. Stockists Australia wide.

View SmartSlat in action:

Click on the images below to see examples of how SmartSlat can be used.

Things to Consider

Before Starting your Project

  • First consider the length of the spans between posts or supports before starting your project. We recommend a maximum span of 1200mm.

  • Decide on the Smartslat application:

    • Face Fix - the smartslat is attached to the face of the posts or supports

  • Flush Fix - smartslat sits inbetween the posts or supports. (link for the word flush fix)

  • Louvre Brackets - two part bracket that sets the slats at a 30 degree angle. (link for the word louvre brackets)

  • If you would like to use the slats Vertically OR Horizontally

  • What size slats you want to use?

  • What gap size you want to have between the slats

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